A Cup of Tea

The reason I settled on tea was because there were no cookies in the pantry. I tried to find a sweet tea to satisfy my sugary craving. Vanilla Bean Macaron was as close as I was going to get to a treat. I even added half and half to make it more creamy. Slowly, I waited for it to steep. I even put in two teabags hoping it would bring it as close to a cookie as I could get. Hovering over the lip of the cup, my nose devoured the cinnamon, vanilla promise. Bringing the cup to my lips I closed my eyes anticipating a girl scout cookie reward. The taste was a disappointing. Flat. Nothing. Even though I am still drinking it, the smelling part is my only joy. Humf.

Published by Sarah Parker

Parenting, teaching, writing, reading, wondering, learning.

6 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea

  1. I feel your pain virtually although I confess that I snagged a cookie while I made my lunch then went back for three more once I had my plate in hand. I really shouldn’t have. I hope you are able to satisfy your craving.

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  2. Add a little stevia? It’s just not the same though- no satisfying crunch, no crumbly goodness swirling around your mouth…ah cookies to use my second graders favorite new word- satisfying.

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