Taking Time with the Times

This morning I let myself sit in a chair for hours reading the New York Times Sunday paper. Although most of it was depressing news about the virus, it felt a little refreshing to hear stories of real people woven in the tapestry of news. The Times always does such a beautiful job of bringing forth people to give names and experiences to the numbers we hear each day. This is the danger of data. It was freeing to step away from the map of Johns Hopkins for the morning to read about the real people from the Senior Home in Washington. Instead of getting a quick twitter headline, spending some time with the people in the Times helped me take time to appreciate the time I have right now.

Published by Sarah Parker

Parenting, teaching, writing, reading, wondering, learning.

3 thoughts on “Taking Time with the Times

  1. Sarah, that sounds like a nice Sunday thing to do. It has been many years since I sat and read the Sunday paper, though it would have been the L.A. Times in those days. I’m glad you enjoyed the stories and relaxed in this way.

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